Sitemap - 2020 - Superpowers for Good

UT Physicians for a Healthy Environment Founder On Opening Schools - #plugintodevin

How We Can Make People's Voices Heard in Utah by Suzanne Harrison - #plugintodevin

Tim Chambless: Climate Change As A Common-Sense Issue - #plugintodevin

Doug Owens Talks Bipartisanship, Outdoor Recreation Economy

UT HD-14 Candidate Olivia Jaramillo Talks Economic Challenges to the Middle Class - #plugintodevin

Hear This 10-year-old's "Project Empathy" and How He's Making a Difference! - #plugintodevin

Kevin Perez on UT County Democrats' Vision: Caucuses, Dem Victory, and Involvement - #plugintodevin

Salt Lake Democratic Party Chair On Voter Education

Democrats CAN win in Utah -- Chris Peterson & Karina Brown -- #plugintodevin

Environmental Caucus Chair Alan Naumann On Utah Air - #plugintodevin

UT Rep Brian King Discusses Public Education, Clean Air, Economics, and Health Care - #plugintodevin

Cities4Peace Founder On Nonviolence & Social Justice - #plugintodevin

Pacific Island Knowledge 2 Action Resources Exec & Pacific Island Heritage Month - #plugintodevin

National Geographic Educator in Lehi: Utah's Decimated Monarch Butterfly Population - #plugintodevin

Utah House Rep Talks Intergenerational Poverty & Racial Bias - #plugintodevin

LGBTQ+ Activist Jacob Dunford Talks Suicide Prevention & Mental Health - #plugintodevin

"You Do Not Have to Have a College Degree to Be Successful" -- Sydne Jacques - #plugintodevin

Katy Owens & Community-Based View of Health - #plugintodevin

Twin Rocks Trading Post & Cafe Owner On Business in Rural Utah - #plugintodevin

UT State Senate Minority Leader Karen Mayne On Worker Rights & Safety - #plugintodevin

James and Colleen Copple On Police Unions & Militarization - #blacklivesmatter

BYU Student Leader on Measuring Social Impact - #plugintodevin

Colleen & Jim Copple on George Floyd and Nathan Lyday

Dave Bierschied on Political Representation in National Politics

Karina Brown Joins Me to Thank Those Who Helped the Navajo - #plugintodevin

How You Can Help the Navajo Nation Today

Utah Democratic Party Chair On Bipartisanship & Democratic Values in Utah

UT Congressional Candidate & Shoshone Nation Ex-Chairman on COVID-19's Impacts on Native Americans

SLC Council Member Talks About the Climate Positive 2040 Plan, Renewable Energy, & Environmentalism

Cheryl Butler Discusses COVID-19: Masks, Testing, and Community Service

UT Rep Jennifer Daily-Provost Discusses the COVID-19 Pandemic

UT Rep Carol Moss and I Talk About Public Schools

Crowdfunding Expert Discusses Options for Small Businesses - #plugintodevin

Kiyan Banuri & Being Muslim During COVID - #plugintodevin

Philippe & Ashlan Cousteu Discuss Climate Change - #plugintodevin

Scott Howell Discusses Education & Healthcare - #plugintodevin

Town Hall

Karina Brown Discusses Healthcare Solutions - #plugintodevin

This Utah Company Is Using Technology to Recycle Plastic - #plugintodevin

Jamie Cheek & I Discuss Healthcare

UT CD-3 Candidate Jared Anderson Discusses Poverty & Solutions

Jazmin May Discusses The Need For Equal Opportunities For DREAMers & More

Desmond Tutu Tutudesk Campaign CEO Discusses Developmental Issues ie School Renovation and Literacy

UT House Candidate Lynette Wendel Discusses Volunteer Work During COVID-19

Utah Governor Candidate Chris Peterson & I Discuss the COVID-19 Pandemic

Shannon Miller Cox Discusses the School to Prison Pipeline, Gendered Violence, & Other Issues

Humanitarian Heidi Totten Discusses Solutions To Global Hunger

Howard Leonhardt Talks About Organ Repair Research & Other Medical Innovations

Teen Political Activist Isaac Nuttall and I Discuss Voter Participation, and Other Issues

Wendy Davis and I Discuss Affordable Housing

Nate Blouin Discusses Regional Energy Markets & Regional Energy - #plugintodevin

Jeff Silvestrini and I Discuss Growth, Redevelopment, & Utah's Growing Population - #plugintodevin

Misty Frost Discusses The Need for More Health Care Workers - #plugintodevin

Crowdfunding Expert Jenny Kassan Gives Advice to Businessowners - #plugintodevin

House Candidate Gay Lynn Bennion Advocates For Better Education Funding - #plugintodevin

Women Advocating for Disable Rights in Utah - #plugintodevin

Meet the Democratic Women of Utah County - #plugintodevin

This Utah Entrepreneur Is Building a Team to Support SBA Disaster Assistance - #plugintodevin

County Council Candidate Aaron Dekeyzer Talks Dark Skies - #plugintodevin

Data Scientist Dayton Thorpe Comments on COVID-19 - #plugintodevin

Candidate Daisy Thomas Says Coronavirus Highlights Need For Improved Health Care — #plugintodevin

Musician Kurt Bestor Talks About Health Care for the Gig Economy — #plugintodevin

Campaign Manager Angela Krull Flips the Script — #plugintodevin