New Platform Aims To Match Diverse Candidates To Best Opportunities

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The processes corporations use to find candidates to fill open positions is fraught with weaknesses that perpetuate bias. Arthur Woods of is hoping to change that for good.

Woods, despite being a white, not-yet middle-aged man, counts himself among diverse individuals. Like Alan Mathison Turing, the inventor of the first electronic computer for whom the company is named, Woods is gay. provides a platform that applicants can quickly use to create a profile that allows them to identify all the ways they might be considered diverse, from ethnicity to gender identity and religion. It’s all there—with the goal of making sure everyone is represented.

Interview with Arthur Woods, the Co-founder of Mathison.

The following is the pre-interview with Arthur Woods. Be sure to watch the recorded interview above.

For-profit/Nonprofit: For-profit

Revenue model: We charge a SaaS subscription to employers

Scale: Early stage, revenue generating

What is the problem you solve and how do you solve it?

The most underrepresented populations are systematically disconnected from the most promising employment opportunities.

More about Mathison:

Twitter: @mathisonio



Mathison bridges the gap between underrepresented job seekers and employers committed to diversity and inclusion.

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Arthur Woods’s bio:

Twitter: @ArthurWoods


Arthur Woods is a serial entrepreneur working at the intersection of inclusion and technology. He was named to Forbes 30 Under 30, is a three-times TEDx speaker and is an advisor to leading brands from Disney and MetLife to Casper.

He is the Co-Founder of Mathison, a talent marketplace connecting underrepresented populations to the most competitive job opportunities globally. Arthur came from Google where he led operations for YouTube’s Education division and oversaw YouTube for Schools. Arthur previously co-founded Imperative, leading social learning platform; Out in Tech, the largest global LGBTQ technology community; and Social Impact 360, the leading collegiate social enterprise education program.

Arthur studied Operations and Information Management at Georgetown University and Project Management at Stanford University. He contributes to Fast Company, is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, a New York Venture Fellow and sits on the Boards of the Georgetown Technology Alliance.

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