Sep 18, 2018 • 25M

Could Wind Turbines That Look Like Flowers Play A Part In Your Energy Future? - Daniel Farb - #695

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Never miss another interview! Join Devin here: Wind turbines are getting bigger and more efficient, now representing the cheapest form of energy on earth! In one corner of the industry, however, Dr. Daniel Farb has been working on little decorative turbines that can be installed on your roof. These little guys aren’t as efficient as the big ones, but you can’t put a big one on your roof! His “flowers” can. And in some situations, he says, they may be as cost efficient--or more so--than rooftop solar. To bring these to market, Farb has launched a crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine and has already raised over $130,000. He’s hoping now to raise over $1 million. Be a hero! By choosing to become a hero, you can ensure that videos like this can continue to be shared! Visit to become a hero.