A Letter to Paying Subscribers

Thank You!

Dear Subscriber,

I really can’t thank you enough! You’ve supported my work financially from the earliest weeks. Thank you!

This is the first and perhaps last post that I will send only to paid subscribers. Let me explain.

Since the official launch of the newsletter one month ago, I’ve been sharing all of my content with everyone without charge. My plan has been that beginning today, I would provide some content only to paid subscribers while everyone else gets access to only one or two posts per week.

Here’s the thing. The paying subscribers like you are a very elite group. You are exceptional. You are amazing. You are so remarkable. You are like 1 in 1 billion special. I’m trying to find a positive way to spin the fact that you are part of a tiny group. I feel it would be a disservice to my podcast guests and the subjects I tackle to send them just to this elite group.

One of the more successful Substack newsletters has been built on a somewhat different model. Rather than limit the conte…

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