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Gail and I Are Moving to Florida and Making Big Plans


Born in Utah, I’ve lived about 46 years in the state, with three spent living abroad and seven living near the East and West Coasts at different times. This week, Gail and I sold our home in Salt Lake City and signed a contract to purchase one in Jacksonville, Florida.

Underlying this significant shift is a desire to purchase an electric pickup truck to tow a trailer powered by solar panels without another generator or propane for cooking or heating. The conventional wisdom is that this can’t be done. We hope to prove that with the electric truck, it becomes possible.

For us, this is a part of our mission to help reverse climate change. As such, we must reduce our carbon footprint as much as reasonably possible and serve as a recognized example for others.

We are launching another Substack newsletter to talk about our solar electric trailer journey. Rather creatively, we’ve called it “Our Solar Electric Trailer Journey.” We’ll be writing about the process of getting the rig and then using it. If this interests you, please sign up free here. The first post will be Saturday, so sign up today, so you don’t miss it.

Our Solar Electric Trailer Journey

Our move and travel will not impact Superpowers for Good, except to make it better. By traveling, I hope to gather more interesting content, both visually and substantively. In any case, the plan is to keep writing and podcasting about reversing climate change, improving global public health and ending extreme poverty.

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