Dec 15, 2015 • 20M

#336: Expert Coaches Social Entrepreneurs To Leverage Good Publicity

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Some of the world's great changemakers join host Devin Thorpe to share leadership lessons you can use to increase your impact.
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Read the full Your Mark on the World article and watch the interview here: Subscribe to this podcast on iTunes by clicking here: or on Stitcher by clicking here: Entrepreneurs and corporations alike spend tremendous time and money to get good publicity. I’ve reached out to Forbes Contributor Cheryl Snapp Conner, who also serves as the CEO and Founder of SnappConner PR, to find out out social entrepreneurs should leverage the publicity they work so hard to get. Cheryl offers three key tips: 1. Share and extend your great press coverage. This is a big part of the mileage you receive in today’s press environment. Via social media, your own blog, and other re-postings this is easy and fruitful to do. 2. You are the best author of your own story. As opposed to relying on the press to tell your story, you should hone your abilities to also tell and publish your story on your own. 3. Communications is power! Are you “on the record” for the things you actually stand for? Make certain your social media profiles and your website are clear and consistent in telling your vision and mission and inviting others to join in. Read the full Your Mark on the World article and watch the interview here: Please consider whether a friend or colleague might benefit from this piece and, if so, share it.