Feb 20, 2015 • 24M

#217: SASB Provides Standards For Measuring Non-Financial Performance

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Some of the world's great changemakers join host Devin Thorpe to share leadership lessons you can use to increase your impact.
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February 5, 2015 - Read the full Forbes article and watch the interview here: http://onforb.es/1EHPcwq. Subscribe to this podcast on iTunes by clicking here: http://bit.ly/ymotwitunes or on Stitcher by clicking here: http://bit.ly/ymotwstitcher. As more and more people, including investors, increasingly focus on performance measures that aren’t captured in the financial statements, it is important to have some objective standards by which to measure social and environmental impacts and ethical corporate governance. Enter the SASB. Dr. Jean Rogers, CEO of the SASB, explains, “The information investors need to make decisions has changed. In today’s world, how effectively a company addresses sustainability issues can impact its financial position and future prospects. But investors lack access to standardized information on these increasingly significant factors.” “SASB standards are created for the markets, by the markets. SASB is a response to investor demand for comparable, decision-useful information on material sustainability factors,” she continues. “SASB standards help companies comply with existing regulatory requirements. They’re the only sustainability accounting standards that are compatible with U.S. securities law,” she concludes. Please consider whether a friend or colleague might benefit from this piece and, if so, share it.